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We are also a Founding Member of WSA's 'Ethics in Power Sweeping' initiative.

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In Addition to Sweeping, Elite's Complete Line of Property Maintenance Services Includes:

Parking Lot Striping and Painting

The safety of both vehicle and pedestrian traffic is enhanced by painting lines in parking lots to designate parking spaces (including handicapped spaces to meet ADA standards). Traffic is managed successfully by using direction lanes, arrows, no parking areas, fire lanes, crosswalks, etc. A business owner might like a customer loading zone marked off near an store exit, or a directional marker to the back loading docks for your suppliers.

In addition to striping parking lots, we can also handle a variety of other types of painting projects. Let's discuss YOUR needs.

Pot Hole Patching and Overlays

Pot holes are more than just annoying to your customers. When pot holes exist on a property, it affects the quality of your sweeping services and significantly increases the likelihood of slip-and-fall claims against your company. Pot holes should be repaired immediately to keep the repair costs as low as possible and to keep your paved areas in good condition. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Power Washing

power washing

Let the Elite Maintenance professionals power wash your sidewalks, steps and parking areas. Every crack will collect dust and then a few seeds land and the next thing you know you have a crop growing in inappropriate places. A good power washing followed by regular sweeping keeps things as they should be -- reflecting your good taste and high standards. Maintaining a scheduled power washing is a cost-effective way to keep businesses and residential communities looking their best throughout the year, as well as a method to reduce slip-and-fall potential and liability.

Seal Coating

When the sealer on your property's paved areas begins to fail it dramatically affects the remaining lifetime of the pavement's surface. To keep your long-run costs as low as possible, it is vitally important that the seal coat on your paved areas is kept up to date. Give us a call for a free estimate of your needs and a quotation on renewing the seal coat on your pavement.

Bulk Refuse Disposal

It's amazing what types of material mysteriously appear on business properties. With Elite Maintenance Services, you can count on prompt removal of this type of material. Just give us a call and we'll handle it for you, whether it's something as simple as tossed garbage bags of debris to abandoned furniture and household appliances.

Lighting Maintenance

When lights on your property burn out there can be safety and security issues, as well as having a negative effect on your customers' inclination to patronize your facility. Just give Elite Maintenance a call and we will promptly replace your burned out bulbs.

Sign Installation

Whenever you need signs replaced, all you need to do is give us a call. Our trained professionals will handle it for you.

The bottom line is that we are here to help you maintain your valuable property assets. If you look good, we look good. Plus, if you have a sweeping contract with us, for no extra charge we will alert you when we see that your property needs any of the services shown above.

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